Golden Jubilee Chatrapati Free Clinic, 2007

issued from Nepal, 6.2.2007

Chhatrapati Free Clinic was etablished on 23 Magh 2013 (Feb 6,1957) with the motto that "no one shoul suffer or die without receiving proper medical care". The Clinic has been providing medical services charging some fees from the people who can afford to pay.

The Clinic offers services among other; Hearth, Dental, Ophtalmology, Diabetes, Chest, Abdomen, ENT, Cancer, Orthopedics, Dermatological and Venerealogical disease, Obstetric and Gynaecologny. General OPD, Primary Treatment, ECG, X-ray, Ultra-sound and Pathology. It produces artificial teeth from its modern dental laboratory that has enabled the country to substitute import of dental product from foreign countries.

Currently, a team of 83 consultants, staffs and volunteers have been providing their service through the Clinic. The Clinic is managed by a working comitee elected by the General Assembly for  four-years term. All members of the commitee provide service free of charge.

In appreciation of the services provided by this Clinic, Social Welfare Council hat awarded it with the highly prestiougous "Tulasi Mehar Social Award BS (1996AD)

This postage stamp has been brought out in commemoration of the important contribution made by Chatrapati Free Clinic to the health sector of Nepal.




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