Union Indienne - République d'Inde

Bharat, Republic of India

Région : Asie (hémisphère nord)
Superficie : 2 973 000 Km²
Population : 982,200.000 habitants
Langues officielles : 15 langues
(langues les plus usitées : hindi, anglais)
Capitale : New Delhi
Monnaie Nationale : Roupie




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1977 - n° 529
1980 - n° 631




1988 - n° 954
13e Congrès Dentaire Asie-Pacifique
1968 - n° 259




1992 - n° 1170
Dr Smith
1995 - n° 1258



1983 - n° 762
1996 - n° 1297



1980 - n° 629

1987 - n° 941

Dans une légende ancienne, le banyan est un arbre décrit comme un symbole sacré de sérénité, sagesse, longévité et énergie

This tree known under the name banyan tree (vata in Sanskrit) is wild in the lower Himalayas and now found all over India. Its milky juice and seeds or fruits are useful as external application to pains and bruises, sores and ulcers, in rheumatism and lumbago, to the soles of the feet when cracked or inflamed, and to the teeth and gums for toothache.


Neem has been used in India and all of south Asia, for thousands of years, as the preferred method for maintaining healthy teeth and gums (Patel, 1988). The people of India chew a neem twig until the end becomesm bristles, then brush with the natural "toothbrush" to clean their teeth after meals.

Neem helps reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and ensure healthy gums.

Tooth powder : A mixture of powder of neem seeds, (10 gms), rock salt (10 gms) and alum (10gms), mixed well can be used as a tooth powder for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.



The stamps of NEEM and BANYAN
is related to
dentistry as TWIGE of both the trees are used as
cleaning of teeth -oral hygiene aid
in villages of our country even to-day instead of
tooth-brush and tooth paste.

Ce sont les méthodes les plus populaires pour le nettoyage des dents.


1998 - n° 1424

Cinquantenaire de l'Association des Congrès Pharmaceutiques.







19/1 - 23/1/1996

18e Congrès Dentaire Asie-Pacifique

50e Conférence Dentaire de l'Inde

(Timbre : 50e anniversaire des Nations-Unies)






Inde 2018

Timbre + vignette du 35e anniversaire


Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Science



Une belle denture souriante.






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